Monday, May 24, 2010

Love to create?

I would simply be a bad friend if I did not introduce you to one of my favorite places to be in the whole world. U Create. Love it. Have to visit it. Often.
She is the first creative blog I found and through her I found lot's of blogs that I love. But she was my first love.
If it is popular trends in decor you want.....
She's got it.

How cute are these made out of cupboard door frames! I can't stand it. She found these at

Or how about this hallway she found at I sooooo want to do this.

She shares my love of owls. I soooo love owls. Aren't these so cute!

She has totally functional ideas like this towel tote from and how cute are these gloves. Wouldn't you almost feel like a queen scrubbing toilets with these on? Almost?
And my soooo favorite one of all. I actually have this in progress in my laundry room as we speak, the greatest organizing tool ever!

So, go visit her. You'll love her. I know you're going to thank me for introducing you to her. Have fun!!!!!


angie b said...

One of my faves too Rach!!! I LOVE it! I have about three that I check weekly that being one!
People are so glad they do the hard part and let us learn the easy it!

Angie and Dallas said...

Rach... LOVE this post!! I cant wait to spend hours looking at her blog! And I am so glad you added our button! Love you sis!