Sunday, May 16, 2010

soap box

Pardon me while I step up on to my soap box for a minute.
I just had a conversation with my family about politics. I know, talk about opening up a can of worms. It wasn't a contentious conversation. We were just trying to find out the newspaper that was the leased biased. Is there one? Everyone is just trying to push their agenda.
My biggest pet peeve is when celebrities try to tell you how they think it is. Then they make you feel, in a very subtle way that you are ignorant or naive or just plain stupid if you don't have the same opinion as they do.
Anyway, that's my humble opinion. I know, political posts make people uncomfortable, sorry about that. And now I will climb down from my soap box.


Angela said...

I too hate politics...partly because I don't understand it or care to. And I also hate the celebrities opinions...because far too often they are not anywhere near "our" view of things. They are usually from a weird angle of some unknown religious sect is how I see it. And they live in a "high society"-different-reality-town than the real world of hard working, under paid people. Now I too will step off 'your' soap box, and let someone else have a turn. :)

Angie and Dallas said...

I agree with what you said!!! I have a very strong opinion about this subject as well. But for your sake and everyone else reading, I wont step up on my soap box.... I might be too abrasive!! I sure do love you though!