Monday, February 1, 2010

Haiti's little lost one's

I can't stand it! I sit in the comfort of my home surrounded by my loved one's and watch the images of little lost and crying babies on the tv. I see their beautiful brown skin and dark brown eyes, so much like my little baby, only they are filled with pain, and confusion, and suffering. There are so many. I overflow with feeling towards them and want to go with hundreds of friends and each scoop up a dozen of them and bring them safely into our life, and hug and snuggle the pain and fear away. There are over 1 million orphaned children in Haiti now, that's what they are estimating. Can that really be true? One million of our brothers and sisters in little bodies wandering the broken streets of Haiti lost and hungry and not knowing who to go to for help. No one to take care of them. And to make matters worse. By night, evil men come and steal these little wandering babies and sell them into the worst imaginable circumstances. I can't stand it!
The brethren have urged us to give to the humanitarian fund all we can to help these little ones. And perhaps, more than anything, we can pray for them. Plead to our Heavenly Father in behalf of these children. That he will surround them with peace and comfort, which we know he can and does.
The hard part for me is that, there were 300,000 orphans before the earthquake. 300,000. And how many in Etheopia, and China, and all over the world. As a mother, my heart reaches out to these little children. I believe with all my heart that I was called to be a mother, long before I ever came to earth, and with all my mother's heart, I will be praying for these little lost one's tonight.