Monday, May 24, 2010

Love to create?

I would simply be a bad friend if I did not introduce you to one of my favorite places to be in the whole world. U Create. Love it. Have to visit it. Often.
She is the first creative blog I found and through her I found lot's of blogs that I love. But she was my first love.
If it is popular trends in decor you want.....
She's got it.

How cute are these made out of cupboard door frames! I can't stand it. She found these at

Or how about this hallway she found at I sooooo want to do this.

She shares my love of owls. I soooo love owls. Aren't these so cute!

She has totally functional ideas like this towel tote from and how cute are these gloves. Wouldn't you almost feel like a queen scrubbing toilets with these on? Almost?
And my soooo favorite one of all. I actually have this in progress in my laundry room as we speak, the greatest organizing tool ever!

So, go visit her. You'll love her. I know you're going to thank me for introducing you to her. Have fun!!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

soap box

Pardon me while I step up on to my soap box for a minute.
I just had a conversation with my family about politics. I know, talk about opening up a can of worms. It wasn't a contentious conversation. We were just trying to find out the newspaper that was the leased biased. Is there one? Everyone is just trying to push their agenda.
My biggest pet peeve is when celebrities try to tell you how they think it is. Then they make you feel, in a very subtle way that you are ignorant or naive or just plain stupid if you don't have the same opinion as they do.
Anyway, that's my humble opinion. I know, political posts make people uncomfortable, sorry about that. And now I will climb down from my soap box.