Tuesday, September 16, 2008

singing group

Hey, to all of you who have had children in my singing group for the past few Christmas seasons, I wanted to let you know that I am starting up again on Friday, September 19th. If they don't make it to the first lesson, it's ok. I havn't been on the ball enough this year, but I do have some really fun pre recorded music this year. I am also really excited to have 2 groups for younger and older kids. Please tell everyone you know about it and call me to let me know if you're in this year. Thankyou so much!

Our big decision

If you were to have asked me 15, 10, 5, or even 1 year ago to describe the way I envision my life, I would never never never have descried to you my reality. And that is what makes life such a grand adventure. There have been scary things like Dallin's heart defect and everything that it meant for him and us. Heart Transplant was a very scary thing that happened in random "other people's' lives. Watching my too small baby die was a horrible nightmare that happens to poor other people and I knew there was no way I could handle something like that. There have also been some very very unexpected and joyful experiences that have both happened on their very own and as a result of going through hardships.
And now, out of the blue, the path that I have been prompted to go down right now is one I also never envisioned for myself. Adoption. Jeff and I are getting ready to put our papers in tomorrow. The process may go pretty fast because we are adopting an African American boy and they come fast. I am so excited. I am also nervous because I know that this, like other things, will require me to really think about how to handle future situations. But for right now, I am just full of love and ready to welcome a new baby into our home.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I know I need to update this really bad!
How's this for updating....Mr. Jeff and I are in the prossess of filling out adoption papers! aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! I know, pretty crazy, huh? Suffice it to say for right now that it is deffinately something we feel inspired to do. I will give you more details as they come.