Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm back!!!

Have you ever met a true perfectionist? I don't know if I am one or not. But I have symptoms
of one. I feel like I have to do something right in order to do it at all. Do you know what that
means in my life? A lot of things don't get done. Because I can't do them the way I have
envisioned in my little perfectionist brain.
Like this blog.

As I started looking at more and more blogs, I realized that I didn't REALLY know what I was
doing, I was not posting regularly, I was unorganized and I didn't have a plan. So I stopped.
But I miss it.
I miss having a little virtual place of my own.
So..... I'm back.
And here's the thing...

So I am just going to blog.  I'm going to figure out new things and try them and experement and just be me. 
It's good to be back!


Aleesha said...

I'm so glad you're back! I just came back myself. I totally know what you mean though about the whole perfectionism thing. I have a mild case of it. Little by little though, I'm beginning not to care. And it feels really good!!