Monday, May 25, 2009


Ok. so, yes I have not been blogging. Life is crazy. I have started a new job working for the adoption agency that we got Emma through. It is really rewarding but there is deffinately a lot to learn. May is crazy with kids. It's as bad as December! Does anyone share this sentiment?
I keep hoping that the summer will slow down life for a little while so I can enjoy it a little better. Does that ever happen? This week at my house there will be dancing, puking, changing diapers, bottle feedings, baseball games, work days, lot's of driving, more dancing, cleaning- but never enough, a 6 year old boy birthday, oh, and we get to be on a live interview on the Primary Childrens KSL telethon on Saturday at like 8:00. It should be a full and fun week. Now to concentrate on the enjoying it part.