Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Hearts Day

Tomorrow is a really special day for our family. It's actually a holiday we celebrate called New Hearts Day. Five years ago today, a really special little 3 month old baby girl went back to her Heavenly Father and her amazing family decided to donate her organs. Our little Dallin was on deaths door when we received the news that there was a heart that was a good enough match to try the transplant. First there was Joy and rejoicing. Then there was sorrow for the little one who died. Then there was fear that Dal wouldn't make it through the surgery. Well, he made it through and is doing well, and there hasn't been a day when we haven't prayed for our sweet donor family. I have actually felt her near at special moments over the past years.
So, tomorrow we celebrate Dallin's new heart, a new chance at life. And we also have activities that make us think about how WE can have new hearts. In the scriptures we read of having a change of heart, isn't that a new heart? We will be setting goals and changing our hearts. Celebrate with us!